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Lesson 4 | Expectations Vs Reality

I know we've all seen the memes of things going unexpectedly. We've laughed at them and kept scrolling. However, nothing is more humbling than things actually going completely left. I'm sure a lot of us have goals and dreams. Some of us even have our life paths mapped out and planned. I'll be the person who rips the band aid off; Your life won't go as planned. It rarely ever does. I know we see so many people who are "successful" and "thriving". However, we don't know what they're going through behind closed doors, and we don't know how they reached their success. 99.99999% of the time their route to success did not go how they planned.

We expect things to go the way we want them to go and that isn't our reality. a lot of us thought we would graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, and get an amazing job that pays great. As we've all come to realize that rarely happens, and on top of that a lot of us have developed crippling debt. However, the point of this post isn't to bring up negativity, it's to shed light on the positives. While things may not go as planned, they still happen. Dreams are still achieved, despite the process. Things take time, and that is frustrating and depressing, but it's part of life's process. There isn't any free ride for life, especially for people of color. However, we all can get what we deserve in due time.

Stay Motivated. Stay Grinding. Stay Patient.