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Lesson 2 | It's Okay To Get Help

I know this one is going to sting for a lot of us, and for others it will feel like somebody finally gets you. In this digital era of popular fraudulence, I tend to see the term "self made" tossed around very irresponsibly. Everyone wants to be known as the one that "made it" on their own. They want to come off as if their superman or superwoman. They want to make people believe that they were the only reason for their success. The truth is, none of that is true. There are absolutely ZERO "self made" success stories. Truthfully that rhetoric is very dangerous and can jeopardize the mindset of the youth. It creates a very toxic and selfish mindset on life. It creates divisiveness among communities. No matter how many haters or doubters we have, if it wasn't for those who support us, we wouldn't get anywhere. Every little thing on our paths to success are meaningful. Every person, place, event, or thing, are pieces of the puzzle. The reality is, we all need help to get where we want to go.

I know as men this tends to be a hard pill to swallow. Pride and individualism is constantly taught to our young men, especially our young black men. A lot of our black kids are taught things like "man up" or "nobody cares about what your feeling". That is extremely negative jargon, that stints their mental development. Suicide and depression rates are astronomically high. A lot of us grow up with mental issues, and as men we feel as though no one should help us. We feel like no one can help us. It causes us to have arguments with friends, family, or significant others. We build up so much pride that we become destructive of ourselves. We'll even let ourselves miss opportunities over foolish pride. We aren't taught about therapy or meditation as kids. We're not taught proper and positive coping mechanisms. Enough is enough. This is a trend that has to end. We're moving in a positive direction as a collective, but we have to make sure that message reaches the youth. We have to make sure that the message reaches our adult brothers as well. It's never too late to get help. It's never too late to give help.

If You Need Help, Get It. If You Can Help, Do It. We're A Team.